Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Changito says, "Happy Birthday!"

I seem to feel anxiety on a nearly daily basis, lately. I think it's my grandmother-in-laws illness and daily suffering. It's hard to watch someone you love so much suffer so terribly. Over the past four years or so, I've found several way to lesson my anxious thoughts. I love to read The Bible, pray, write in my prayer journal, write poetry, clean the house, exercise, and, of course, papercraft. There is something about working with the paper and the tools that just calms my spirit. It's like active therapy. This card was born out of one of those therapy sessions. I used a Changito monkey stamp and the sentiment is a rub on. I love rub ons. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I know my cards aren't very good when compared to the other Busy Bee Bloggers, but I'm grateful for any positive comments or constructive criticism. :)



  1. Rebecha I am so sorry that your Grandma is suffering so much. I know how difficult it is for all of you. *hugs*

    This card is adorable! I like the green DP, and the layering on your card. And of course the Changito is super cute!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother in law....dig deep and find strength to persevere through it all...sending hugs your way. Your card is so sweet...don't knock your have a lot of talent going on there. And I hear you on the card therapy. I do this every day for at least a half hour when I get home from school after a crazy day...helps to calm you down :)

  3. What a bright, fun and happy card! Love it!!

    I'll keep your grandmother in my prayers.

  4. Don't sell yourself short, your cards are beautiful. Aren't you glad that God blessed you with a creative outlet that helps lessen the stress of life! God is so Awesome!!! Praying for your grandmother and for peace and strength for you.